Baro Injured, B1A4 Ends

Sad news! Due to B1A4 Baro‘s ankle injury, the hot group will be ending their “What’s Happening?” promotions.

Baro strained his ankle ligament after falling while on stage on June 5.  At that time, B1A4, who was planning to promote their follow up single, “Starlight’s Song,”  decided to adjust their promotions depending on Baro’s recovery. But as it seems Baro’s recovery will take longer than expected, the group has decided to end their “What’s Happening” album promotions early.

Baro’s attending physician stated, “While there is no problem walking and moving normally, [Baro] needs to avoid dancing on stage or performing strenous exercises and the like.”

A source from B1A4’s agency, WM Entertainment, stated, “As the members prepared a long time to show a more spectacular and new image of B1a4 with the follow-up song, “Starlight’s Song,” the members are feeling very regretful. But there will soon be an opportunity to show fans this stage.  As much this album produced good results, we ask for anticipation and support until [B1a4] returns with more good news and advanced image.”

Get well soon, Baro, and hope to see you soon, B1A4!

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