Baek A Yeon Introduces B1A4’s Baro as “A Good Boy”

On June 16, Baek A Yeon uploaded a sweet picture on her Twitter account that showed her and B1A4‘s Baro looking friendly. In the picture, Baro has his arm around Baek A Yeon’s shoulder and both hold up “peace” signs. Baro also gives a little pout. 

Baek A Yeon captioned this photo, “Introducing ‘A Good Boy.’ B1A4’s Baro sunbae who personally did the awesome rap making and featured in this album.”

Netizens who saw this photo commented, “Baek A Yeon is getting prettier everyday,” and “They look good together.”

In related news, Baek A Yeon released the music video for “A Good Boy” today, the title track from her second EP, “A Good Girl.” You can view the cute music video here. Also, B1A4 mades fans sad today with the announcement that the group will be ending promotions for “What’s Happening?” due to Baro’s ankle injury.