Film Stills of Girl’s Day’s Minah as an Aspiring Ballerina Catch Fans’ Attention

Recently, stills from the upcoming film “Holly” were released.

The character, played by group Girls’ Day’s Minah, is a high school girl named Wan Yi. Wan Yi dreams of becoming a ballerina, and works hard to overcome her harsh environment.

In the pictures, Minah has her hair in a simple pony tail and wears ballet outfits. Unlike her usual sexy and adorable look during her performances on the stage, Minah looks natural and toned down in these photos.

Minah stated during a recent interview, “Acting was hard and I felt a lot of pressure, but Shin Yi and Ae Yeon unnie, and the director helped me a great deal. It was my first movie, so I know I was lacking, but I hope the viewers like it.”

You can view the trailer for the movie here. “Holly” premieres June 20.

minah holly stills