Dal Shabet’s “Look at My Legs” Passes SBS’ Censors with Lyrics Modification

Dal Shabet‘s upcoming single, “Be Ambitious (Look at My Legs)” has passed SBS‘ review with modification to the lyrics.

In a telephone interview with XSports News, Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, said, “Last week we submitted the relevant song to the three terrestrial television stations. It passed KBS and MBC but not SBS. The song passed SBS after modifications to the lyrics.”

The lines in the song “Be Ambitious (Look at My Legs)” that SBS found problematic were “When will you progress?” “[Let’s] go home even though [we’re] drunk,” and “Are you a man? Are you shy, perhaps?” These three lines were changed to “Is my aegyo cute?” “Why do you keep looking at the clock?” and “Look at me; do you even like me?” respectively.

Dal Shabet will release the mini album “Be Ambitious” on June 20 and hold a showcase one day ahead on June 19. You can check out the teaser for “Be Ambitious (Look at My Legs)” here.

What do you think, Soompiers? Although the whole song hasn’t been revealed yet, was the lyrics modification necessary or not? Do you think if a boy group released a song with similar lyrics, that song would have been caught by censors?