Actress/Model Clara Almost Signed with SM Entertainment

Actress/model Clara, who has been gathering a lot of attention lately because of her “glamorous” body, was a guest on tvN’s talkshow “Taxi” for the June 17 episode.

During the show, Clara disclosed, “When I was going to school in the U.S., I was picked up by SM’s casting director. I even met teacher Lee Soo Man and almost signed a contract.”

Unfortunately in the end, Clara didn’t sign with the agency. She explained that her parents opposed it, saying, “My mom wanted me to become an actress and my father (Lee Seung Kyu), who was part of Koreana found his life as a singer difficult. Because he found it hard, he didn’t want to suggest being a singer to me so I couldn’t sign the contract.”

Koreana, the group that Clara’s father was a member of, officially debuted in 1962 and between 1977 and 1980, the group performed as “Arirang Singers.” Koreana is most famous for singing the 1988 Seoul Olympics theme song, “Hand in Hand.”

Clara taxi 2