After School’s Nana Falls 1.2 Meters, No Serious Injuries

It is being reported that After School’s Nana has taken a huge fall, but thankfully, is not seriously injured.

According to Pledis Entertainment, on June 19, Nana lost her footing while coming off stage after recording for MBC Music’s “Show Champion,” and fell from the platform that was around 1.2 meters high. Nana was taken to the hospital right after the accident and received a physical examination, and fortunately, was found to have no serious injuries.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “While Nana’s injuries are light, due to the unexpected accident, she is resting from the shock. For her recovery, all schedules after today’s pre-recording have been canceled, and we will decide future activities depending on her recovery and health.”

Hope you get well soon, Nana!