Kim Soo Hyun Speaks About Troubles of Getting into College

Recently a post appeared on an online community board that was supposedly written by Kim Soo Hyun. The title of the post was, “I am a Sasu Kim Soo Hyun.” (Sasu means that it is Kim Soo Hyun’s 4th try trying to get into a college of his choosing)

Kim Soo Hyun wrote for the post, “Right now I am giving my all in order to get into college. I am currently giving my shot at the 2nd round of rolling admissions for several universities. (Here is the list: Joong Ang, Hanyang, Sungkyunkwan, Konkuk, Kyonggi, Kyung Hee, and Seokyeong University) I am busy practicing my acting skills, other skills, and interview answers to show the professors.”

Kim Soo Hyun then added, “Everyone who is preparing, please do not repeat the process. You will become like me. It feels like I don’t have any leisure, and I am trying to pick a new song at a Karoake when I only have 1 minute left. I am currently suffering from insomnia. I am currently caught up with anxious thoughts such as ‘Am I preparing properly” and “Is it ok if I sleep right now.’”

Kim Soo Hyun ended the post with, “But thinking about why I don’t have dark circles under my eyes, I am sleeping in buses and subways. It is nothing. This was my life in high school. After debuting I wanted to look cool even when I am sleeping, but I am sleeping now because of my insomnia, anxieties, and the pressure that I need to use my energy. I need to look good to the professors.”