G-Dragon is “Trapped in a Lab” for “Cosmopolitan”

The fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan” has released pictures of the fashion spread G-Dragon participated in for its July issue. The concept of the photo shoot was “Sexy G-Dragon trapped in a laboratory.” Dressed in his signature unique and unconventional style, G-Dragon stands out in the a beat-up and run-down laboratory setting. 

G-Dragon revealed in the accompanying interview that his ideal type is a woman with good sense. He said, “I like a woman with a good sense in fashion and in every word she speaks.” He added, “If she was also pretty, that would be good too.”

G-Dragon also said that during his off-time, he likes to chatter with other men at the office. “Once we start, we can’t stop talking about women, music, life, and American dramas because we have similar tastes.”

He continued, “Like the album title, ‘Wild & Young’ is my life’s motto. I don’t think an artist who does music should ever mature. I think I will wear red clothes even when I am a grandfather.”

GD cosmo July 1

GD cosmo July 2