Upcoming Drama “Goddess of Fire” Releases Teaser and Making of Video Starring Moon Geun Young

MBC‘s upcoming drama “Goddess of Fire Jung-yi” revealed a teaser and a making of video for the teaser through the official MBC and Namoo Actor‘s YouTube channel.

“Goddess of Fire Jung-yi” is about the life of Yoo Jung, Joseon dynasty’s greatest and first female ceramic artist. Moon Geun Young plays the lead role of Yoo Jung. The drama also stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Bum, and Lee Kwang Soo

The teaser introduces Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon’s characters. It also shows Moon Geun Young using a traditional turn table as she gently molds the wet clay with her hands. In the making of video, Moon Geun Young is seen working hard as she pumps the turn table to prepare for the scene. 

“Goddess of Fire Jung-yi” will follow “Gu Family Book” and air on July 1. You can also check out stills from the drama here