Lee Hyun Woo Sings About the “Splendor of Youth” for “Secretly and Greatly” OST

Actor Lee Hyun Woo revealed that he can act and sing through his song “Splendor of Youth” for the “Secretly and Greatly” OST. The music video was shared through the official KEYEAST YouTube channel.

A representative of KEYEAST Entertainment said about the song, “Lee Hyun Woo had demonstrated great music abilities in his spare time between filming, so fans were very interested in his participation in the OST.” KEYEAST Entertainment also revealed a picture of him recording the song through their official Facebook page.

“Splendor of Youth” is a folk rock song about the passion of being youth. Lee Hyun Woo recorded the song with an acoustic and brass band. The music video shows clips of the movie with a focus on the relationships between Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Soo Hyun, and Park Ki Woong

“Secretly and Greatly” also released new character focused posters which you can check out here