2NE1 on Instagram, Breaks 47,000 the First Day

2NE1 created an Instagram account yesterday on June 22, and they already have a following of more than 47,000 (54,500 at time of publishing).


Following their announcement that they would feature new releases every month, 2NE1 created an Instagram account to boost their international fan numbers and raise anticipation for the upcoming songs and music videos.

They have only posted two photos so far, with promise of more to come. The two photos include a picture of Minzy, Dara, and Park Bom in ’91 jerseys with the caption “Good morning blackjacks!we back home!,” and a picture of the whole band with Park Bom‘s face covered in a heart sticker and the caption “OPEN!! Where r all our blackjacks at!!! .”

Dara confirmed on her Twitter that this would be the official Instagram account for the four band members, and that they would take turns posting on it.

 Find 2NE1’s instagram and keep up with their pictures here!