[Live] Girl’s Day “Female President” Poolside Showcase with Ustream!

Great news, Daisies!

Girl’s Day will be making their official comeback today, June 24, with their repackaged first album and title song, “Female President.” To mark this event, the group will be holding a special pool party showcase at Banyan Tree’s outdoor swimming pool starting a 1PM KST. If you were disappointed that you couldn’t be at the poolside to see Girl’s Day today, don’t be, because now you can view the showcase live through your screen. 

Daisies can now view Girl’s Day’s live showcase exclusively through Melon (www.melon.com), Melon Mobile (m.melon.com), and Loen Music Ustream (www.ustream.tv/channel/loenmusic). Just click on this link (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/loenmusic) at 1PM KST & JST/9PM PST to view the “Girl’s Day Melon Showcase” live through Ustream. You will be able to see Girl’s Day perform the title song, “Female President,” for the first time and previous hits like “Expectation” and “Twinkle Twinkle,” among others.

Set your alarm and don’t forget to check out Girl’s Day’s stylish and sexy return today with “Female President”!