Kim Ye Rim Reveals “Not Too Handsome” Gong Yoo As Her Ideal Type

Kim Ye Rim, one of the final contestants from “Superstar K” who made her solo debut earlier this month, revealed her ideal type of guy is none other than actor Gong Yoo. Reason? Good looks is not one of them. In fact, she doesn’t like handsome guys.

On June 24, Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2” was aired featuring singers Kim Ye Rim along with peers Baek Ah Yeon, Lee Ki Chan and Jo Jung Chi.

Kim Ye Rim drew everyone’s attention when she revealed her ideal type. She said, “Rather than a handsome guy, I like someone whom I’m able to hold good conversations and one where we have similar interests.”

She continued, “If we had to pick a celebrity, it would be Gong Yoo senior.”

Some netizens were a little confused with her ideal type. “Kim Ye Rim’s ideal type is Gong Yoo, but she doesn’t like handsome guys?” “Gong Yoo’s a really handsome guy, so what’s she talking about?” “In the end, she chose a handsome guy. Ha!”

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