2PM’s Nichkhun Snaps Photo with Fans on His Birthday

2PM member Nichkhun uploaded a candid photo of himself and international fans on his personal Twitter account on June 24, his birthday.

He wrote the message, “Thank you HOTTEST!!!!!! You are all jjang jjang man!!!”

The angle of the picture looks like Nichkhun took the photo himself as he directs the camera past his face to the Hottests that have gathered below the JYP Entertainment building.

There were around 500 fans from all over the world gathering around the JYP building to congratulate Nichkhun on his birthday. They sang “Happy Birthday” to him and also prepared a birthday cake, moving Nichkhun and compelling him to happily and gratefully tweet the picture and thanks.

He left another tweet after the first picture which read, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! I feel so overwhelmed with all your love!! Made this year so special again! Thank you!!”

Happy (belated) Birthday Nichkhun!