Park Myung Soo: “I’m Flustered Seeing My Six-Year-Old Daughter Copying Clara’s Pole Dance”

Singer and TV personality Park Myung Soo shared how he felt about seeing his six-year-old daughter copying a pole dance move.

On June 26, he appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” where he said, “Clara appeared in my recent music video. My wife and daughter Min Suh came to the music video filming.”

He went on, “They saw the pole dance scene. Later, we went to a store. Even though Min Suh is six years old, she grabbed a hanger and was copying the move. I was really flustered.”

MC Kim Gu Ra commented, “She has charisma. She should come out on ‘Star Junior Show.’” Park Myung Soo quickly rejected the offer. When Kim Gu Ra asked, “What about ‘Father, Where Are You Going?’” Park Myung Soo answered, “I’ll think about it.”

 park myung soo daughter pole inside