No Min Woo Displays Crazy Flexibility and Flawless Body

Singer/actor No Min Woo displayed his incredible flexibility through recent photos!

On June 27, various online community forums made a post with the title, “No Min Woo! Crazy Flexibility,” along with two photos.

In the photos, No Min Woo sports tight, black workout gear and executes difficult-looking pilates/yoga moves that clearly displayed his strength, flexibility, and flawless body.

Eyes were drawn to his pretty facial features, his lean body frame and his golden proportions.

In other news, No Min Woo recently made headlines as he announced his new three-member rock band, ICON. ICON consists of No Min Woo using the stage name “Icon”, drummer Monster and DJ Disco. Their first single album will be released on July 1 and will be titled, “ICONIC OH DISCO ROCK STAR.”

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