Junsu (XIA) Releases Teaser MV and Image for “11AM”

JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) has released a music video teaser and new image for his upcoming second solo album.

The music video teaser or special clip is for the track “11AM” (tentative English tite, full Korean title “11시 그 적당함”), which will be released before the full album on July 2. Appropriately, he released the teaser today, June 28, at 11AM KST.

The music video teaser takes the format of a “live” recording, showcasing Junsu’s voice and emotions recorded during the music video filming and not a studio track. “11AM” is about the pain of parting with a loved one.

 Junsu second album image teaser second

Second Image Teaser for Junsu (XIA)

Junsu’s second album comes out July 15. “11AM” comes out July 2.