“K-Pop Star Season 2” Bang Yedam Signs with YG Entertainment

In addition to updates regarding G-Dragon and Taeyang‘s solo album, YG Entertainment has also made an announcement about “K-Pop Star Season 2” contestant Bang Yedam through the YG blog.

Bang Yedam follows fellow contestant Akdong Musician in joining the YG Family, having just completed all negotiations. With Bang Yedam’s entry in the agency, both the first and second place winners of “K-Pop Star Season 2” are now in YG Entertainment. 

In his announcement, YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, compared Bang Yedam to a diamond, which “unlike gold, diamond is a stone which value depends solely on how it is carved or cut” [sic]. Yang Hyun Suk writes that he doesn’t know how long it will take for Bang Yedam to be “carved or cut,” -one year or even ten years- but he assures fans that YG will not spare any efforts to “help him shine like diamond” [sic].

Exciting news! Who is looking forward to seeing Bang Yedam debut (in the unforeseen future)?