2AM’s Jinwoon Talks About Showing Skin with Go Jun Hee

2AM‘s Jinwoon attracted media attention when he said he’d be willing to show some skin with his TV-wife Go Jun Hee, from the program “We Got Married.

In the fourth season of “We Got Married,” three competing couples – Jung Chi & Jung In, Taemin & Son Na Eun, and Jinwoon & Go Jun Hee – were told that the couples photoshoot would be an upcoming mission for the show. When they heard that the best photo shoot would feature on the front page of the illustrative magazine, each of the couples burned with ambition to win and be acknowledged as the best-looking couple of the show.

Jinwoon especially demonstrated his desire to win during a meeting with the magazine photographer when he strongly insisted, “I would even be willing to expose myself in order to win the spot on the front page.”

The photo set of the handsome Jinwoon & Go Jun Hee couple – with their model heights and figures – will broadcast on June 29 at 5:10pm.

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