Yoo Ah In Looks Sexy Even When Eating Korean “Patbingsoo”

Whether actor Yoo Ah In is dressed in kingly clothes for “Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love” or dressed casually on an off-camera day to enjoy a bowl of “patbingsoo,” there’s no denying that he’ll always look irresistible with those bright pearly whites and that heart-stopping smirk.

On June 29, Yoo Ah In shared a video of him on Instagramdevouring an iced dessert otherwise known by the name “patbingsoo,” which is made of ice chunks, syrup, fruit and of course the red bean. In the clip, someone tries to hilariously take the dessert away, while Yoo Ah In shoots them a slightly quizzical look before removing his glasses to finish the job. Ever since Instagram shared its new video feature, users all over have gleefully added beautiful filters over 15 seconds worth of edited clips.

Netizens who saw the video clip commented, “Yoo Ah In should film a patbingsoo CF!”, “Yoo Ah In is too cute”, “He seems like such a jokester!” and “Now that’s a guy who knows how to enjoy patbingsoo!”