Wonder Girls’ Sunye Reportedly to Go to Haiti as a Missionary Six Months after Giving Birth

According to an acquaintance of Wonder GirlsSunye, this idol and mother-to-be will be heading to Haiti as a missionary six months after giving birth to her child.

It’s been recently found out by the Korean public that television personality Lee Mi Na wrote on her Twitter account on June 20 that Sunye said to her that she will be going to Haiti as a missionary six months after giving birth. She also included a picture of Sunye and herself, holding a signed copy of a Wonder Girls’ album. 

Lee Mi Na continued in her tweet that Sunye was concerned she would receive more attention on herself than the significance of the work she was going to Haiti to perform. Lee Mi Na complimented Sunye on her thoughtfulness and humility.

lee mi na tweet

Netizens who heard about this news commented, “Don’t go Sunye,” “What will happen to Wonder Girls’?” and “Sunye’s faith is really strong.”