A Closer Look at Talented Girl Group Trio Odd Eye Pt. 1

A mutation is something different, something special or even odd. Mutations can be grotesque, but with the right combinations and some luck, a mutation can be a thing of beauty. It can be fresh and new and break the status quo. This is what the new Korean String-Pop trio, Odd Eye aims to do: create a hybrid of classical and pop music, and mutate the overly repetitive K-pop industry into a new form of exciting music.

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The three ladies of Odd Eye are fresh and excited to break into the music business, but this new group has not come to the industry without experience. Eeum (vocal, cello), Hayule (vocal, violin), and Miki (vocal, violin), have studied classical music for their entire lives and graduated with degrees in classical performance. These ladies are finely cultivated musicians.

However, the multi-talented girls were unsatisfied with exploring only one genre of music and desired to create a new genre where they could play their instruments, sing, dance, rap, and show off all aspects of their performance skills with an attractive image.

Though they are a new group with only two released songs, Odd Eye has garnered much attention from K-pop fans around the world. Their goal is to create a loyal fan base and introduce K-pop lovers to the classical style while simultaneously introducing classical lovers to pop. Much like an odd eyed cat who demands attention with its two beautifully different colored eyes, putting the two musical genres together will interest people who crave something different, strange, and beautiful.

With proper exposure, it is only a matter of time before Odd Eye makes a splash in the music industry and gains a large following of devoted fans. The ladies shine during performance and their new angle on pop music will inspire imitation and adoration.

Lets take a closer look at this group!


Step. 1 – Odd Eye?

odd eye 1

What’s the meaning of “Odd Eye”?

Odd Eye is a term that means iris heterochromia, which is having two different color irides.

odd eye 2

Well then. Why would the members of the group name themselves “Odd Eye”?

The members have majored in classical music and decided that they wanted to do mainstream music. As such, rather than trying to force the two musical realms, the members want to use the unique charms of both musical styles. Also, the group has the ambition of reaching out to the different music backgrounds of the greater public, which consists of music-loving manias to those without music education.

odd eye 3

Step. 2 – The secret behind the birth of Odd Eye’s character!

Since the team name Odd Eye has such a good meaning, the members thought that there needs to be something to characterize the group. That’s why, the members spent quite some time with various artists to work on a character that’s unique to the group. There were many great ideas that were mentioned, but nothing that really quite caught the group’s attention. After painstaking work, the members decided to go for a more simple look.

odd eye 4

Therefore, they ended up with six sketches. Everyone, do you like it? The agency and the members had differing opinions, but both seemed to agree on the shape resembling a cat. Specifically, numbers four and six stood out. odd eye 5

When it ended up with those two as the final choices, the worries lessened. The first one was chosen without hesitation and the character is complete. odd eye 6

Naturally, the members tried to make a few modifications, but later decided that it’s better to stay simple. Therefore, Odd Eye’s character became complete.

odd eye 7

Step. 3- Introducing the Members

odd eye 8


odd eye 9

Leader / Vocal / Cello

Odd Eye’s leader has a charismatic alto voice and keeps the foundation for the group musically by playing the bass. She holds the group together with her previous experience performing on stage and as the visual of the group.


odd eye 10

Vocal / First Violin

She has a charming voice that fits Odd Eye’s differing musical style and a cute face. Just like someone who’s a first violin, she spends a lot of time honing her craft.


odd eye 11

Main Vocal / Second Violin

She’s the owner of a rich and sensitive voice and is the main vocals in the group. She’s also the maknae of the group and is the mood maker as the “happy virus.”

You can check out their official sites below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oddeyepage

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/oddeyemusic

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0pBfWlGLvDURkBT6RTgyA

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