24K Exclaims “U R So Cute” in Latest Music Video

Boy group 24K has made their return to the music scene after a year with their second mini album, “U R So Cute.”

The members of 24K actively participated in the production of this album, form composing to the choreography. The track “U R So Cute” is jointly composed by established composer Dani and 24K leader Cory, and the two also worked on the lyrics together. The choreography was created by member Dae Il.

In the music video, the members are 24K are represented by adorable cat dolls. The music video portrays how a young girl who used to play with the dolls grows up into a beautiful woman. The dolls comes alive as the members, who are mesmerized by this girl’s beauty. But things are not all as they seems so stayed tuned till the end to see the unexpected turn in the music video. 

24K’s first performance of “U R So Cute” will be on KBS’ “Music Bank” August 2.