DICKPUNKS Rock the Shades for “Sunglass” MV

Four-men band DICKPUNKS has released the music video for their latest digital single “Sunglass.”

The track expresses the mental battle going on behind someone’s dark sunglasses, which hides that person’s gaze and expression. With the sunglasses on, the wearer cannot express his or her feelings, while the viewer cannot read that person’s emotions. 

The song is composed, written, and arranged by the group, and the idea for the music video was given by bassist member Kim Jae Heung, who also directed and edited the video.

In the video, the members are dressed in colorful tracksuits, while fooling around with props and showing lyrics to the song.

 DICKPUNKS will be starting their country-wide tour “Very DICKPUNKS” August 31 from Seoul.