Suzy, JYP, and 2PM Look Cozy Together at a Party

2PM’s Minjun, or Jun.K, released a picture on his Twitter of him and his JYP colleagues. Miss A’s Suzy, 2PM’s Wooyoung, and Park Jin Young can be seen clad in white at nighttime under purple light. The caption read: “At Jin Young-hyung’s CIROC Party.”

Suzy can be seen as the only girl in the picture, looking radiant among her male boss and colleagues. She and Minjun are casually making V-signs at the camera, while Wooyoung makes a funny face. JYP looks like his usual self, smiling with his arms around his stars.

“I really look bad in this picture,” commented Wooyoung.

“Sorry,” responded Minjun. “You should upload a really funny picture instead. Jin Young-hyung told me to post this on Twitter since he looked really good.”

jyp suzy wooyoung junho ciroc party