Boy Group Mr.Mr Shares a Team Friendship Ring

On August 1, idol boy group Mr.Mr shared a picture with fans that showed off the group’s friendship.

In the picture, one hand of each member is shown wearing a silver band. The members stick out the finger wearing the ring, creating a star formation.

The photo was taken during filming for the DMB program “Show K-Pop,” and through this opportunity, the members confirmed their friendship and promise to never forget where they started from.

A source from the group’s agency, Winning Insight M, stated, “While this was originally done for the show, it later became an opportunity for the members to think about each other and harden the promises they made when they first debuted.”

Mr.Mr. debuted in 2012 with “Who’s That Girl” and is different from most current idol groups by having only vocalists and no rappers. Check out the music video for their latest song, “Waiting for You,” here.

Mr.Mr joins Girls’ Generation on the list of idol groups that have shared a friendship ring. What other groups are out there?