Girl Bullied For Her Looks Transforms into Girls’ Generation’s Jessica

The latest episode of “Let Me In 3” featured a guest who had been bullied “internationally” for her unfortunate looks and underwent a miraculous transformation into a celebrity, thanks to plastic surgery.

Shim Yura, an immigrant to the U.S., was described to be an extremely intelligent woman who had once received acceptance letters from prestigious Ivy League universities including Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. She majored in marketing from the college of her choice. Despite her brilliance, she described her life to be one of suffering and tragedy due to her ugly features.

Throughout her life in the U.S., she said she was often discriminated as “the Ugly Korean.” Friends would ask whether all Koreans were “as ugly as she was.” Her protruding chin and hunched posture prompted her peers to call her an “old hag.” Even during the post-grad job search, her image was mentioned as a factor in rejecting her in companies.

The doctors of the show were sympathetic to her story and chose her as their next project. When she stepped into the studio after her makeover, the audience was speechless from the transformation. She was compared to Girls Generation’s Jessica, with long flowy hair to match. From a social outcast to virtually a celebrity, she changed into a new person. The audience could see that even her demeanor had changed from cloudy and depressing to a more cheerful character. 

Netizens have responded with surprise. “It must be a new life for her,” “I bet it wasn’t easy to live abroad and be bullied so,” “It must be great,” “I really can’t tell it’s her!”

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