Moon Geun Young and Lee Kwang Soo on Set of “Goddess of Fire”

Moon Geun Young’s wink is making boy fans melt everywhere, according to Sports Chosun.

On August 2, a few snapshots of Moon Geun Young and Lee Kwang Soo from the set of MBC’s “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” were revealed online.

Moon Geun Young and Lee Kwang Soo

The photos show the two stars having a great time on break. They are wearing traditional Korean attire, and Moon Geun Young makes silly expressions with a peace sign. Lee Kwang Soo smiles big for the camera as he holds a large fan in one hand.

These pictures are receiving a lot of attention online for Moon Geun Young’s wink and cute expression. Netizens commented, “Her wink could really melt something,” “Does Moon Geun Young ever get old? She keeps getting more and more cute,” “Her wink is adorable,” and “She and Lee Kwang Soo look oddly good together in those hanboks.”

“Goddess of Fire” is the story of Yoo Jung, the first female potter of the Chosun Dynasty.

It’s hard to believe she’s already 26 years old!