f(x)’s Victoria Likes to Eat Chicken Brain and Fish Eye?

f(x)’s Victoria revealed some surprising favorite foods!

On August 2, KBSW Trend Paparazzi’s “Glitter” featured emcees Victoria and actress Kim So Eun. The episode revealed their favorite accessory and clothing stores, as well as their favorite places to eat.


Victoria chose one of her most frequented places to eat, an Italian restaurant. The restaurant is contemporary, and is used often for private parties. The cuisine features fusion cooking. While there, Victoria revealed “Some of my favorite foods are chicken brains and fish eyes.” When Kim So Eun looked alarmed, Victoria said innocently, “When a nice, fresh fish is well cooked, the eyes taste so good!”

Although it was their first time meeting, they found things that they had in common and learned about each other’s favorite things. By the time filming was over, they were like sisters.

“Glitter” is a variety show for women in their twenties and thirties that focuses on trendy fashion and beauty, and it also features fun places to hang out and hot spots for restaurants.