2NE1 Dances in the Bathroom for “Do You Love Me” Teaser

This might be the first time in K-Pop history for a girl group to include a toilet in a music video teaser.

On August 5, YG Entertainment updated its official blog with a teaser for 2NE1’s upcoming track “Do You Love Me.” Many fans are highly invested in the music video as it was previously revealed that the members filmed it themselves.

Most of the members drew much attention from the public by recently showing off their bodies in swimsuits. Fans are wondering if they will appear in swimsuits in the home-style music video.

YG’s resident hitmaker Teddy penned the track, which will fit well with the hot summer heat. It will have a similar strong and exciting tone as the group’s 2011 hit “I Am the Best.”

“Do You Love Me” will drop on August 7.