Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin Poke Fun At Each Other

Korea’s favorite bromance couple Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin have proved their close friendship by poking fun at each other.

On August 4, Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye took a break from a photo shoot and appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” for an interview.

During the interview, the reporter mentioned that Kim Woo Bin made comparisons between himself and Lee Jong Suk in terms of looks.

On July 21, Kim Woo Bin commented, “My shoulders are wider than Lee Jong Suk’s and I’m taller too.”

To that Lee Jong Suk humorously replied, “I’m not so bad either,” and “As much as Kim Woo Bin has wide shoulders, my face is smaller.”

The reporter moved onto the next question and asked, “If you had to choose who your best friend is, who would you pick between Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin?” Then Lee Jong Suk replied, “Why are you comparing a girl and guy?”

Then Park Shin Hye suggested, “Just say that out of the guys, it’s Kim Woo Bin and out of the girls, it’s me,” to which Lee Jong Suk agreed right away, making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk recently ended a highly successful run with the drama, “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

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