Gong Hyo Jin Wields Knife at a Doll for “Master’s Sun”

Gong Hyo Jin released a picture of herself holding a knife on the site of “Master’s Sun” shoot.

She wears a peculiar set of pajamas with “Jesus Save Me” written in front. Sitting next to an adorable but nonchalant crocodile, Gong Hyo Jin stares down at the knife she is holding. In front her lies what seems to be a cat doll. The photo breaks down her usual image as a bubbly and relatable character, going against the “greatest romantic comedy actress” label dubbed by her colleague So Ji Sub.

The set behind her seems to depict her character’s personal bedroom. It reveals little about the strangeness of Gong Hyo Jin’s new role, showing a few bookcases and furniture. The photo was released on her me2day account on August 3.

Netizens responded with interest. “Gong Hyo Jin is scary,” “I’m anticipating this drama so much,” “She’s so calm holding such a big knife.”

“Master’s Sun” is scheduled to start airing every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS August 7. 

gong hyo jin knife