Infinite To End “Destiny” Promotions, Focusing on First World Tour

It’s too soon! Infinite will be ending promotions for their latest “Destiny” album, with no plans to promote a follow up track to the hit title track of the same name. “Destiny” placed number one on various music shows, showing the continued popularity of the powerful group. 

According to a source from Infinite’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, the group has technically already wrapped up promotions, having recorded the performances already to go out on these week’s music shows. 

The source continued, “Infinite will be looking toward international activities with the start of the world tour in a couple of days.”

Infinite will be starting their first world tour “One Great Step” August 9 in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The tour is set to cover as many as 17 stops in cities all around the world.