Lee Jung Hyun Is Ready to Shock You Again with “V” Dance Version MV

Lee Jung Hyun, the always changing and innovative K-Pop diva, recently made her return to the stage after three years with the new track “V” and a music video directed by Park Chan Wook (“Old Boy”) and his brother Park Chan Kyung. Staying true to the style of both the Park brothers and Lee Jung Hyun, the music video was unusual and distinctive, telling a complete story that is hard to come by in many of the current K-Pop music videos out there.

Lee Jung Hyun not only brings a unique style to her costumes and songs, but also to her dance. Through the dance version music video of “V,” fans will be able to focus on the Lee Jung Hyun’s ability to take on many different images on the stage, from cute to powerful, scary to sexy.

See also the original version of “V” music video here.

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