Singer Wheesung was discharged from the military in the morning of August 9 KST. 

After saluting the media and his fans, Wheesung stated, “I am sorry I wasn’t discharged quietly and cleanly. It troubles me the most that I hurt my parents and my fans.” 

The singer continued, “I am glad I served in the military. I learned many things and also felt a great thirst for music.” Wheesung concluded, “I am happy I was able to say my greetings today, and I look forward to meeting my fans with music. Thank you.”

Wheesung entered the military November 7, 2011. During his time, he earned ten awards for his outstanding military service. His excellent record was tainted by the controversy over the personal use of his cellphone during his hospital stay while he was in the military. He used the phone in regards to investigations into his alleged illegal use of propofol, which he was later cleared of the charges. He served three days in military prison for the cellphone use, and his military discharged was moved from August 6 to August 9. Click here for more info.

Good to see you back, Wheesung!