Lee Jong Suk Draws in His Six Pack Abs?

Recently on his me2day on August 7, Lee Jong Suk uploaded photos of himself along with a message, “What’s up? Oh, the view is great and the weather as well…. But why is it that I want to go home? I miss my mom. I am always scared of what tomorrow will bring, and I am so tired!! I should listen to Girls’ Generation’s ‘Way to Go.’ Good night!!”

In the released pictures is actor Lee Jong Suk showing off his upper body. In one photo, he has playfully drawn in his six pack abs with white paint. As he smiles at the camera, Lee Jong Suk looks beautiful in these photos.

Netizens that saw these selcas commented, “My heart beats fast when I see him,” “I am looking forward to his movie,” and “When did he create such a beautiful body?”