Lee Gikwang’s Father Apologized to Him for His Short Height

On the recent episode KBS’s “Birth of a Family – Full House,” BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang revealed a series of text messages he shared with his father.

Lee Ki Kwang texted his father, “Among the traits I inherited from you, is there anything you regret passing on to me?” His father answered, “I feel guilty that I didn’t get to help you maintain your health. Perhaps you didn’t grow taller because of this.”

When the MCs asked him to explain, Lee Ki Kwang stated, “My father thinks that I didn’t get taller because my trainee days were physically rough on me. I often didn’t get much sleep, and he feels guilty about it.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ki Kwang made a claim on “Two O’clock Escape Cultwo Show” that he grew taller recently.

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