New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 August Week 2

2NE1 (single) – Do You Love Me (released)


01 Do You Love Me

2NE1 comes before fans once more with their latest single, “Do You Love Me.” Produced by Teddy, DEE.P, and Lydia Paek, this dance track is expected to be the next summer hit after “I’m the Best.” The music video shows the girls partying up in Seoul and Jeju Island.

Lim Jung Hee (single) – Luv Is (released)


01 Luv Is (feat. Baechigi)
02 Luv Is (Original Version)

Lim Jung Hee joins hands with rap duo, Baechigi for her newest single “Luv Is.” It is a pop R&B number with hip-hop rhythms. The singer’s vocals flow well with Baechigi’s. There are two versions to this song.

Ulala Session (single) – Fonky (released)


01 Fonky (feat. Seol Un Do)

Ulala Session releases a new single this summer titled, “Fonky.” Composed by Park Seul Il and Rink, this number meshes funky blues with traditional trot genres. This track is expected to excite and refresh listeners this summer.

Lunafly (single) – Hey, Fox (released)


01 Hey, Fox
02 Hey, Fox (INST)

Lunafly, who had released their debut album this past April, returns with a summer single, “Hey Fox.” Composed by Lunafly and Ricky, this refreshing reggae number has witty lyrics for all to enjoy.

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