Lee Jong Suk Critiques Himself on “I Hear Your Voice” for Singles Magazine

Lee Jong Suk has recently critiqued himself for playing the role of Park Soo Ha on SBS’s recently ended drama, “I Hear Your Voice.”

On August 12, fashion magazine Singles revealed a few cuts of Lee Jong Suk’s photo shoot and excerpts from his interview.

In the interview, Lee Jong Suk was asked, “Which part of yourself would you like to compliment during ‘I Hear Your Voice?'”

To that, he answered, “I think I used a lot more emotions. It even got me thinking, ‘Did I really not express myself this much in the past?'”

He continued, “So it really shocked me. But I thought I could express the character to a certain extent. However, I still don’t think I expressed the character 100 percent,” showing his modesty.

Lee Jong Suk will be the cover model for the September edition of Singles magazine. Check out the revealed cuts below!

singles lee jong suk 09 2013

singles lee jong suk 09 2013 2