Lee Jong Suk: “I Realized I’m Good-Looking Only Due to My Hair”

During the recent press conference for the upcoming historical film “Physiognomy,” (aka “The Face Reader”) which took place on August 12, actor Lee Jong Suk revealed his thoughts on his first attempt at sageuk.

Lee Jong Suk stated, “I realized how important hair can be.” He continued jokingly, “The way I look seems to depend very much on my hairstyle.”

He also added, “In this movie, I had to grow my hair long. I also had the opportunity to wear hanbok, and it was as comfortable as a school uniform. I tried different hanboks, and it was a good experience.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is to play Jin Hyung, who does not believe in physiognomy. This film is to be released on September 11, 2013.

Lee Jong Suk's Character Poster for

Lee Jong Suk’s Character Poster for “Physiognomy”