2NE1’s Unnies Release First Episode of “Double Park TV”

The beginning of fun has just arrived!

On August 13, 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sandara Park released the first episode of their joint online show “Double Park TV.” Many fans were highly anticipating the show since it was announced a month ago.

Fans can expect all the craziness with this combo pair and combined their 4D personality with being tired at night, their commentaries are nothing less than hilarious.

The show is mostly for 2NE1 fans, but other K-Pop fans will enjoy the unique and down-to-earth personalities. It could have been dangerous, but it was nice of Park Bom and Sandara Park to invite two lucky fans into their car for a special ride while giving them a preview of their song “Do You Love Me” before its official release.

So, when’s the next episode? Stay tuned. It is YG, afterall.