f(x)’s Sulli Joins Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil in Movie “Pirates”

Sulli from group f(x) joins Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil for the upcoming movies “Pirates.”

According to Newsen, Sulli was the final choice for the movie after some competition with another girl group member. This marks Sulli’s return to the big screen in five years after her small role in the 2008 film “Babo.” Sulli first made her big screen debut in 2007  through “Punch Lady.” She last showed her acting chops in the 2012 drama “To the Beautiful You.”

“Pirates” has been described as the Korean version of the American “Pirates of the Caribbean” as a seafaring adventure movie set in the Joseon era and with a 10 billion won production cost. It follows the story of pirates and bandits who go after a whale that has swallowed the royal seal.

Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil are also bringing their “Shark” drama chemistry to the movie, with Son Ye Jin playing the pirate and Kim Nam Gil taking the role of the bandit. The movie is set to start filming soon.