Lee Na Young Shines for Lancome

Lancome’s newest model Lee Na Young shines with radiance.

Lancome, internationally known for its beauty and skincare products, recruited Lee Na Young to represent the brand in Korea. The actress and the brand collaborated to promote their latest concept, “a lady who has fallen in love.” It is a concept especially fitting for the actress, who has recently admitted her close relationship with Wonbin.

Lee Na Young will be promoting a reboot of Lancome’s iconic product, “Advanced Genefique.” The pictures taken on the site of the photoshoot were released, revealing Lee Na Young’s truly natural beauty. Her smooth, flawless skin became second to her bright personality, her unreserved smile radiating the room.

A representative from Lancome said, “Lee Na Young had this mystery shrouded about her due to her lack of exposure in the media. She proved her professionalism by closely monitoring her pictures and letting her opinion known… You couldn’t believe that her amazing skin belonged to someone in her 30s.”

Netizens have responded in admiration. “Is she really human? Her CG skin daebak,” “She looks prettier with a boyfriend and as a make-up brand model,” “Lee Na Young looks more elegant and beautiful as she ages,” “Her skin, her body, her aura…. There’s nothing about her that isn’t flawless.”

lee na young lance

lee na young lance