Seungri Unveils Third Teaser Image and Discusses His New Singing Method for Title Track “Gotta Talk to U”

Seungri has unveiled through his third teaser picture for his upcoming second solo mini album, “Let’s Talk About Love.” The image shows the Big Bang member with melancholy, looking mature and calm.


On his personal Facebook account, Seungri left a message which introduces the title song of his album “Gotta Talk to U.” In the message his reminisces back to his first solo album title song, “Strong Baby.” He writes, “You will remember a young 20-year old wearing a suit and dancing risqué with the female dancers for a song called ‘Strong Baby.’ I can’t get rid of the feeling when I rewatch those performances that there is a kid awkwardly trying to act like an adult.”

Four years has passed since then, and for Seungri many things have happened to him- “Things I can’t explain in words.” He writes “I want to create a character now as a man that will appeal to female fans.” Seungri knows he must create an image that is different from other solo male artists- “So I worked hard to find a voice that I have never tried before.” He continues, “You will be able to hear a totally different type of singing method from what I’ve used before right from the first verse of ‘Gotta Talk to U.'”

For Seungri, who was a dancer before he entered Big Bang, the type of music he likes is a song to which he can dance to whether it is fast or slow. He describes “Gotta Talk to U” as a song that will not sound awkward wherever it is turned on as it iscomposed and arranged by Ham Seung Cheon and Kang Wook Jin who has experience DJing in a club and knows what beat and sound will make people dance. 

Seungri wishes finally in the message, “Become daebak ‘Gotta Talk to U”!” Along with this message he uploaded another image for his album that is different what has been uploaded on so far. The words on the image read, “I have something to say to you right now. Only you and I alone together.”

Previously, Seungri left a different Facebook message in which he discusses another track from his album, “Let’s Talk About Love.” You can read about that message by clicking here. Also check here to see the tracklist for the album.

Seungri let's talk about love image 2

A physical copy of “Let’s Talk About Love” comes out August 21, and the digital copy will be available online a couple days before on August 19.