AA (Double A) Teases with MV for “OK About It” (Featuring Kim Sumi)

Boy group AA (Double A) has fans anticipating their comeback with a music video teaser for their upcoming single album title song “OK About It.”

The track features narration from veteran actress and ad-lib queen Kim Sumi. Her narration adds a unique color to the song. AA also unveiled pictures of the members and Kim Sumi posing with a move from the choreography of the song, making the “okay” sign.

AA and Kim Sumi

AA and Kim Sumi

Kim Sumi’s narration comes at the end of the teaser, where she says “Don’t call me no more (in English). Don’t you understand what it means? Don’t call me!” and adds her signature cursing that is sure to bring laughs to people familiar with her work.

AA will release the single album August 19 but the day before has their comeback stage of SBS’ “Inkigayo.”