TVXQ Gets Dark and Freaky in Short PV for “SCREAM”

TVXQ just released a short PV for their latest Japanese single, “SCREAM.”

In a brief two-minute preview of the promotional video, the video featured our two hallyu stars, Yunho and Changmin, looking dark and fierce for their new concept. The song will be part of the official soundtrack for “Sadako 3D 2,” a sequel to the internationally acclaimed horror franchise, “The Ring.”

Interlaced with the song was a sneak peek at the upcoming movie, showing an unidentified male actor running for his life in a darkened corridor. The video looked as if it were a broken television screen, on par with the theme of “The Ring” and the character Sadako. As for the duo’s performance, their innovative choreography and formation for the dance met high standards, which we expect no less from one of the most iconic K-pop groups of all time.

“Sadako 3D 2” will be released August 30 in Japan.