NC.A’s Drama Version of “My Student Teacher” Features Girl’s Day Hyeri and Seo Ji Suk

NC.A, a talented rookie singer, has released a drama version of the music video for “My Student Teacher.” It features Girl’s Day member, Hyeri, and actor, Seo Ji Suk.

The video features two stars as main characters for this heartwarming sketch. Hyeri, playing the role of a bubbly schoolgirl, falls head-over-heels in love with an English student teacher, played by Seo Ji Suk. Her secret crush on her teacher motivates her to study harder and look prettier. Her plans to win over his heart soon has a disastrous consequence as her classmates soon find out.

Both Hyeri and Seo Ji Suk were said to have been very impressed by NC.A’s song. They were so inspired that they personally requested participation in the music video. Hyeri left a message of support on her Twitter account: “I was cast as the main role in rookie singer NC.A’s music video!! Please give lots of love to NC.A’s ‘My Student Teacher’!! The song is amazing^^”

You can catch Hyeri in a refreshingly adorable school uniform in the music video below!