Suho Totally Keeps It Real with His New MV, “I’m Not Kidding” Feat. Kim Tae Woo and Lee Da Hae

Suho, a well-known rapper among the in-crowd, just released a controversial music video for his latest song, “I’m Not Kidding.”

The music video, even before its release today, was stamped with an audience age restriction for its provocative theme. It is officially forbidden for the eyes of everyone under the age of 19, but as soon as the captures went public earlier in the month, netizens clamored for more. The video lives up to the hype as it highlights various models with goddess-like proportions clad in a glamorous set of lingerie. The singer is seen dancing casually with the ladies, while planting a big kiss on a rookie actress by the name of Jiwon.

The song also gained attention by featuring one of Korea’s favorite ballad singer Kim Tae Woo and a brief narration by “IRIS 2” star,” Lee Da Hae. Suho’s comeback song was strongly supported by the most powerful vocalists on the K-pop scene, such as Bobby Kim, Ailee, and Lyn.

Check out the steamy music video that everyone is talking about!