Brown Eyed Girls Respond to Fans’ Questions in “ASK IN A BOX”

The lovely ladies of Brown Eyed Girls finally received your questions!

Upon the release of their new album “Black Box,” the group opened up a Q&A session for their fans worldwide through LOEN’s Facebook page. The questions are in, and yours could be picked in this video! The video included subtitles in English and Japanese.

The interview shone the usually fierce ladies in a different light as they gave candid answers to the questions. Apart from their smoldering make-up, they became just as cute and bubbly as their younger counterparts in the industry. Each member revealed stories behind-the-scenes on various topics, such as the inspiration behind their dance moves and NGs for “KILL BILL” music video. They were also asked which up-and-coming K-pop celebrity BEG would like to mentor, to which Narsha answered f(x)‘s Krystal.

 Check out a new side of the sexy BEG: