Lee Hyori Thinks Boobs Aren’t Everything in a Celebrity

Lee Hyori has a different standard for what sexy is.

On the August 13 episode of “Lee Hyori’s X Unnie,” a SPICA member Boah suddenly felt shy in front of the camera. Having small breasts, she felt uncomfortable rather than fierce during a photo shoot. 

Lee Hyori tried to boost her morale by giving her some professional advice. “Confidence like a model, look very chic,” she said. “A woman having big breasts doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful.” Afterwards, young Boah was able to gain some confidence and successfully finish her photo shoot. 

Lee Hyori looked impressed by her efforts. She offered a kind but honest opinion after the shoot. “But honestly, you really don’t have much, do you.”

Netizens were surprised by Lee Hyori’s rather uncommon statement and commented, “You’re so cool, Lee Hyori,” “She pretends to be harsh on her trainees but she’s actually very kind,” “You don’t sound sincere since you have a perfect body yourself.”

Does size matter when it comes to celebrities’ boobs?

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